1. bryanbenida:

    Oh! I just wanna greet them, Happy Father’s day!

    So last night, I had fun with my co-church workers, or, fellow actors and actresses. 3 consecutive days, I was with, some of them. But, last night, these people and I had fun at daddy Ricky’s house! We ate his very special cooked. He cooked spaghetti, lumpia plus! And for my very first time, yeah, t’was my first time to taste my most awaited Japanese cuisine… SUSHI! I really loved the taste though. While eating our dinner, we were having a movie marathon also. Ugh! I dunno what’s the title, ‘coz I don’t like the movie, or maybe, I don’t understand the whole story ‘coz of my loud mouth though! lol

    I just captured the moments of that night. And, I was really glad, because some of these people beared with me, we had a mini photoshoot across the stairs. We felt the ambiance of Daddy Ricky’s House, especially the light! HAHA