1. Youth Empowered 2014! | Church of God - Dasmarinas Main

    Last night was a BLAST! God visited us, in our place. I felt His presence. His mercy and His Love. God’s not dead. God is real. He is ALIVE!

    *Anyone free on Sunday? We have free musicale dance play, entitled: Hosea & Gomer.

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  2. March 2014, Graduation Day

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  3. March 2014 Snapshots

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  4. My Instagram Weekly. All photos were taken with iPhone 4s and edited with VSCOcam. Follow my instagram account: @bryanbenida

  5. Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for being lazy, because, of not updating my blog. But, I still give my big thanks to my dear followers, who are still following me. Anyway, these are my random mobile photographs that I took in our recent photowalk with my super good church buddies, Nix (@nix_andalajao) and Arlyn (@itsmearlynmae).

    So tonight or later dawn, I’ll be up until I get sleep, just because I woke up from 8 hrs of PM sleep. I’ll be uploading more photos? And will make my mixtapes tonight. We can exchange messages, or message me, if you want to say, ‘Hi!’ or ‘How are you?’ or what. Lol

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